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notoriety index

(*****)   2004 The Year in Arts : Architecture (Boston)

("Robert Campbell's picks -- 'nine bests' and 'one worst' ")

  • The Genzyme Center, Cambridge -- Stefan Behnisch of Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner of Germany, with Next Phase Studios of Boston
  • Stata Center MIT, Cambridge -- Frank Gehry
  • Building H Northeastern University -- William Rawn
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York -- Yoshio Taniguchi of Japan with Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates of New York
  • Ken Greenberg's proposals for Boston Central Artery site -- Ken Greenberg of Toronto
    "I put Toronto-based planner Ken Greenberg on this list last year just because he was hired by the city, before he'd actually done anything." (Robert Campbell, bg_04.12.26)
  • Two books: Ada Louise Huxtable's "Frank Lloyd Wright" and Paul Goldberger's "Up From Zero: Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York."
  • One film: "My Architect," Nathaniel Kahn's film about his father, the great architect Louis Kahn.
  • Big Dig tunnels ("a worst")


(*****)   The first annual Wallpaper Design Awards

("the most clever, exciting, dynamic, functional, inspired and life- enhancing designs of the previous 12 months")

  • Best City - Miami
  • Best Domestic Design - "K2" by Norbert Wangen for Boffi
  • Best Hotel - Claska, Tokyo
  • Most Life-Enhancing Item - Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Seat
  • Best Residential Project - Retreat by Makoto Yamaguchi
  • Best Fashion Collection - Jil Sander
  • Best New Public Building - Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, Cincinnati, by Zaha Hadid
  • Best Public Space - Millennium Park, Chicago
  • Best Gadget - Apple's iPod Mini
  • Best New Furniture Design - "Friday" chair, by Stefan Diez
  • Best Salon, House of Bumble, New York


(*****)   Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Ninth Award Cycle (2002-2004)

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Grando Primary School, Gando, Burkina Faso
  • Sandbag Shelter Prototypes (various locations)
  • Restoration of Al-Abbas Mosque, Asnaf, Yemen
  • Old City Revitalization Programme, Jerusalem
  • B2 House, Canakkale, Turkey
  • Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Cesar pelli

(*****)   BD Power 40

(A list of the people with the most power and influence over architecture today and the future, Building Design Magazine 04.05.14)

  • Herzog & de Meuron
  • Hu Jintao, China's president.
          "Hu has unrivalled power in the world to hire the best architects on the biggest and boldest projects available anywhere And he takes a real personal interest."

  • Sir Norman Foster


  • Rem Koolhaas
          "the Sid Vicious of contemporary architecture" (Clifford Coonan, smp_04.09.06)
  • Margot Walstrom, the European Commissioner for the Environment

David Bowie [-]

(*****)   2004 RAIA NSW Awards
Royal Australian Institute of Architects

  • Aurora Place, Sydney -- Renzo Piano
        The Sulman Award
  • Macquarie Apartments, Sydney -- Renzo Piano
        The Wilkinson Award
  • Shellharbour Workers Club, Illawarra -- Caroline Pidcock and Richard Goodwin
  • Asian Galleries at Art Gallery of NSW -- Richard Johnson
  • Sydney Theatre on Hickson Road -- Andrew Anderson
  • MLC school pool -- Ed Lippmann
  • Cove Apartments, The Rocks -- Harry Seidler
  • St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta -- Romaldo Giurgola

    Single Houses :  

  • House Spry, Point Piper, Sydney -- Durbach Block
        Neil Durbach, Camilla Block, Lisa Le Van, Joseph Grech
        for Helen and Malcolm Spry

        -- Q : "How long did it take? A : 22 months"
        ("moved in March 2004")
        -- "Insider's Tip:   Really understand the detail of the building contract."

  • -- Dawson Brown
  • Newcastle -- Bourne + Blue (with Stuchbury and Pape)

    Alterations and Additions :

  • Tibet, Queen Street, Woollahra -- Donovan Hill

  • Jones Bay Wharf -- PTW Architects, Bates Smart and Otto Cserhalmi + Partners
        Greenway Award

  • "Art Wall" office building, Kings Cross -- Dale Jones-Evans
        Colorbond Award
  • 21-23 Hereward Street, Maroubra -- Alec Pappas
        Premier's Award

top gong [-]
most sought after [-]

(*****)   The 2004 Wired Rave Awards -- ("For rebuilding the art of building")

  • The Lois & Richard Rosenthal Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati -- Zaha Hadid

        the other nominees:

    • Prada, Tokyo -- Pierre de Meuron & Jacques Herzog
    • Swiss Re headquarters,London -- Norman Foster
    • Starlight Theater, Rockford, Illinois -- Jeanne Gang
    • Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles -- Frank Gehry

*** wired_04.12

(*****)   RIBA award winners 2004

(The Royal Institute of British Architects conferred awards on 69 buildings across the UK and Europe. Six other buildings outside Europe were given the RIBA Worldwide award.)

  • Maggie's Cancer Caring Respite Centre, Dundee -- Frank Gehry with James F Stephen
  • Graduate Centre, London Metropolitan University -- Studio Daniel Libeskind
    "a high-art object" on "one of the grottier high streets of inner London" (judges)
  • Hoyle Early Years Centre, Bury, Lancashire -- DSDHA
    "does not shout about its architectural ambitions but it is an exemplary building that works for the staff and children, all of whom are much less stressed than before" (judges)
  • Berners Pool, Grange over Sands -- Hodder Associates
  • Advance Dental Clinic, Chelmsford -- Richard Mitzman
  • Vista, Dungeness -- Simon Conder Associates
  • 30 St Mary Axe, London -- Foster and Partners
  • The Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, Cincinnati USA -- Zaha Hadid
        "architecture played like high drama" (judges)
  • Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Canada -- Alsop Architects with Rywa
        "courageous, bold and just a little insane" (judges)

  • The Bridge of Aspiration at the Royal Ballet School
  • The City Inn, Westminster
  • The Business Academy, Bexley
  • Double House, Camden
  • Islington's Gainsborough Studios
  • The Horniman Museum, Forest Hill
  • Gormley Studio, King's Cross
  • The New King's Library at the British Museum

*** guar_04.06.17
*** es_04.06.17

(*****) m o r e   Exit-Poll

previous Exit-Poll:

Most etc.

(*****) ""Longest consecutive ... etc"
(-- Herbert Muschamp's List, as compiled by Michael Sorkin, arch_01.06)

*** arch_01.06

(*****) "The Favored Circle"
(-- Herbert Muschamp's List, as compiled by Michael Sorkin, arch_01.06)

*** arch_01.06

(*****) "Recurring Themes"
(-- Herbert Muschamp's List, as compiled by Michael Sorkin, arch_01.06)

*** arch_01.06

s h o r t - l i s t s

(*****)   2004 Stirling Prize For Architecture -- the shortlist in full
"the building that has made the greatest contribution to British architecture in the past year"

Odds by William Hill (guar_04.09.09)
4,140 votes cast in BBC internet poll (guar_04.09.10)

  • Kunsthaus, Graz -- Peter Cook, Colin Fournier (4-1);   12%  
  • The Spire, Dublin -- Ian Ritchie Architects (3-1)  
  • Imperial War Museum North, Manchester -- Studio Daniel Libeskind (5-1);   13%  
  • Phoenix Initiative, Conventry -- MacCormac Jamieson Prichard (4-1)  
  • 30 St. Mary Axe, London WC1 -- Foster and Partners (5-2);   57%  
  • Business Academy Bexley -- Foster and Partners (5-1)

stirling =

p o p c o r n

c a r - c h a s e s

  • 2001 Medaille d'Or, French Academy of Architecture -- Steven Holl
  • 2001 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture, Royal Institute of British Architects -- Jean Nouvel
  • 2001 RAIC Gold Medal, lifetime achievement in Canadian architecture, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada -- AJ (Jack) Diamond


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